Welcome in Сossack Yard!

Taste Ukrainian

Ukraine has been hearth of cooking for a long time. Our ancestors prepared boiled, steamed and baked food mainly. Even Chumaks who brought salt from the Crimea and the Azov Sea, and Zaporozhian Cossacks in their campaigns had made temporary oven in the ground – it was like pit for wok – and cooked there traditional dishes – pottage and porridge, lemishka (cerea-liked flour meal) and dumplings. Even with hunted wildfowl mostly cooked soup, not roasted on a spit.

Have a rest with us

Guests who appreciate Ukrainian traditions can relax body and soul in “Kodatskyi Kosh”, to plunge into the cozy atmosphere far from urban bustling and get the joy of communication. True gourmets can enjoy the most delicious dishes of traditional home cooking, made in wood-burning stoves. At your disposal there are restaurant and sauna on Cossack hotel with comfortable rooms and banquet halls. For active people there are swimming pools, excursions to places of Cossacks former glory, fishing, feeding birds and animals in the mini-zoo. All this is combined with the spirit of ancient times creates an atmosphere of celebration. We provide you with an unforgettable vacation in “Kodatskyi Kosh”.

Cossack gifts

You can get a gift from “Kodatskyi Kosh” for the registration on our website. We offer you to get a certiFicate for 50 UAH. Hurry! Only this winter. We will take care of making your stay like a real fairy tale and leaving the most pleasant feeling in the memory of our guests!